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We pride ourselves in focusing on creating a fun, engaging, and learning culture.


We take passionate people and give them direction/what's your passion?


We strive to build and develop everyone around . We amplify strengths.


Whatever idea you have, we will not stop you. We are all about trying new things. 

The kitchen is the heart of the business. We have different positions in the kitchen, 


  •  The center line - where all the guest orders are made to order. 

  • Breakfast center - where eggs are cooked on a grill, and our fresh biscuits cooked in the oven daily, as well as our minis. 

  •  Breading side - Where the magic happens. All the chicken is freshly breaded and cooked in a pressure fryer. 

  • Prep side - Where salads are prepared daily. 

   Looking for people who have a passion for food and serving others. Love working in fast paced environments, love standards, and love to have fun.



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