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Nick Perniciaro


Nick is the owner of this location and has served the community the past 16 years and continues to serve the community with a servants heart putting people first. 


Nick Hursey

FOH Director 

Nick Hursey is one of the front of house directors who leads the store with humility and humor. He is all about growing himself and the team. 


Jovanny Cosenza

General Manager 

Jovanny or Geo as he is called by his friends, has served as the GM since the store has been open, going on 13 years. He focuses on systems and results to lead in the right direction. 


Schwanda Bailey

FOH Director 

Schwanda Bailey, has been serving for 7 years and is a mother to 5 beautiful kids, two boys and three girls. She excels in treating our team like part of her family.  

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Courtney Amison

FOH Director 

Courtney Amison, serving for 9 years. She has a one year old daughter named Ava. Her passion is to be the best mother, to her daughter. 


Halle Suarez

BOH Director

Halle is our boh director who leads with high standards and focuses on making sure we all stay on the right path. 


Kristine Reed

BOH Director

Kristine has been with Chick-fil-A for 10 years, serving at two different locations. She serves as one of our Kitchen Directors. She has three kids, Sophia, Damon and Thea. She loves baking and growing her team. 


Blaine Reed

Hiring Director 

Blaine is the hiring director who focuses on recruiting the awesome team members we have working at CFA. He has served with Chick-fil-A for 12 years now. 


Alyssa Perniciaro

Marketing Director 

Alyssa is the marketing director, who works with creativity and out the box thinking in order to grow our brand and offer guest memorable experiences. Serving Chick-fil-A for 15 years. 


Cade Willamsen

Drive Thru Director

Cade is our drive thru director, who works to ensure we delivery fast service and fresh food to our guest in the drive thru. Serving Chick-fil-A for 8 years.

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